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Welcome to Impact Health Sharing. We are glad you are here. As a new member, we want to make sure you know ALL about Impact Health Sharing. Impact is a robust program, so take some time to get acquainted with all of the info you will find on this page.  And, let's get started with a few things.

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Schedule a Welcome Aboard Call, where our Member Services Reps will guide you through navigating your new membership.  

During this call, you'll learn more about the benefits of your membership, how to use our online Member Center, and what your next steps should be.


Log In to the Member Center

The Member Center is your hub for all of your sharing details and the key place to manage your membership.

  • See who shared your bills.
  • Send a note of encouragement
  • Change your address
  • Print your Member Card
  • and More!
print your member card

Print your member cards today from the Member CenterYou'll get a printed copy, but you can always access your digital card online.

Cards will be mailed within 2 weeks of your start date. Please allow sufficient processing time to receive your cards. For any issues, errors, or additional cards, click here to request a new card.



  • PRA
  • Pre-X
  • Pre-notification
  • Preventive Care

Understanding your Primary Responsibility Amount

Do I Pay my PRA upfront?

Yes and No...The PRA is the annual amount a household is responsible for before medical bills will be approved for sharing. So yes, the PRA has to be paid in advance of sharing but depending on the bills incurred, you may not owe it all at one time. Read More.

What is the co-share?

A co-share is the percentage of an eligible medical bill paid by the member after the Primary Responsibility Amount (PRA) has been met. As an Impact member, after your PRA has been met, you pay 10% of all eligible medical bills. The remaining 90% is published for sharing to the Impact membership. There is a co-share limit of $5,000 per year per household annually. Watch it Explained

Understanding Pre-existing Conditions

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions are conditions in which treatment, symptoms, or diagnosis occurred within 36 months prior to membership.

Learn More

Have more questions? Get them answered during your Welcome Aboard Call.

Understanding when you need to Pre-notify Impact

Providers pre-notify by calling (855) 378-6777. In the event of emergency/urgent care, the Member or provider needs to provide notification within 72 hours of when care was given. Pre-notification of medical bills does not guarantee eligibility or sharing.

Members or Providers are required to pre-notify Impact for any of the following treatments to be eligible for sharing:

  • Cancer Treatment
  • Elective Cardiac Procedures
  • Inpatient/outpatient surgery
  • Non-emergency hospital/facility admission
  • Organ/Tissue Transplant Services 
  • Maternity

Understanding Preventive vs Wellness Care

Preventive Screening

Preventive screening as outlined below is subject to PRA and co-share before bills will be shared for the following:

  • Women: Pap test
  • Mammogram
  • Men: PSA test
  • All: Colonoscopy

Impact follows the American Cancer Society's recommendations when it comes to sharing in Preventive Care. 

Read more

Wellness Visits

Wellness Visits Are NOT subject to the PRA and Co-share. These will be shared at 100%.

One wellness visit is eligible for sharing for members 6 years and older per membership year. This includes a $150 allowance for some routine labs as ordered by the provider during that visit. 

See the full list of labs.


We've got invaluable health tips, expert advice, and articles specific to healthcare sharing that will educate and inspire you on your journey.


This Welcome Guide is intended to be an easy-to-read introduction to Impact and in no way replaces, supplements, or overrides the Impact Health Sharing Guidelines. The current guidelines govern, not the guidelines in effect when you joined.

Download Guidelines


Impact Health Sharing is Secondary to Other Sources

If a member has insurance or is eligible/ qualified for any insurance benefits or other health or welfare benefits, such as an employment-related health or welfare plan, workers’ compensation insurance, homeowner’s insurance, or fraternal benefits, the member is expected to take all reasonable steps in order to qualify for such payments and to exhaust the benefits available under those resources before submitting a request for sharing.


Sharing During the First 60 Days of Membership

During the first 60 days of membership, sharing of eligible medical bills is limited to $50,000 (excluding pre-existing conditions). Discounts for prescriptions and no-cost Telehealth doctor visits start the first month of membership.


Motorized Vehicle Accidents

Treatment related to injuries received while in motor vehicles is eligible for sharing, provided all legally required and industry-recommended safety equipment was in use. Treatment related to motorcycle accidents is limited to $100,000 per incident. Sharing will be secondary to automobile insurance. Treatment resulting from the abuse of alcohol, legal drugs or federally- classified illegal drugs, is not considered medically eligible and will not be shared.



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