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No, Impact Health Sharing is not insurance. Impact Health Sharing is an alternative to health insurance where like-minded individuals share in each other’s medical bills. Bills are shared directly between members through individual bank accounts through a concept called distributed reserves.

Insurance is a contract between a policy-holder and a for-profit Insurance Company. You contract to pay expensive insurance premiums in exchange for their promise to pay your medical bills. Healthcare Sharing is a voluntary, not-for-profit concept were millions of Americans connect through technology to share and pay each other’s medical bills. There is no contract, no guarantee, and no promise to pay. In the early 80s, Americans began to turn to Healthcare Sharing as an alternative to the high costs of insurance. Today, it has grown into an industry that shares approximately $3 Billion per year.

Our membership is made up of like-minded individuals, families, and small businesses who agree with the Statement of Shared Beliefs & Ethics. (You can view it at There are no restrictions based on race, color, religion, or creed.

Additionally, members agree to live by lifestyle standards to include the following:

  • No use of tobacco or illegal drugs
  • No abuse of legal drugs


Impact is accepting applications for membership beginning November 1, 2019, for a Membership Start Date of January 1, 2020. After November 1, there will be no limits on when you can apply, and you will be able to choose which month (no earlier than 1/1/20), you want your membership to begin.

NOTE: Applicants who are pregnant at the time of application are NOT eligible for membership. However, we invite you to apply after giving birth.

The monthly cost is based on the age of the oldest person in your household, the number of people applying, and the Primary Responsibility Amount that you choose. Visit to see your options.

There are dramatic savings over ACA Plans (Obamacare) and greater value than other health sharing programs. Prices start at $65/mo. For singles and $330/mo. for families.

Yes, sort of. Since Impact Health Sharing isn't insurance, there isn't a per person deductible; rather there is a Primary Responsibility Amount (PRA) per household. The PRA is the annual household amount that you pay, before your eligible medical bills are published for sharing. There are five options to choose from: $1,000 (65 yr old and older only), $2,500, $5,000, $7,500, and $10,000.

Yes. Once the Primary Responsibility Amount is met, the Member pays 10% (the Co-share amount) of all eligible medical bills. The remaining 90% is published for sharing to the Impact Membership. There is a co-share limit of $5,000 per year per household annually. In other words, after a Member pays a total of $5,000 in co-shares, they will not be subject to a co-share until the amount resets on their Membership Date.

Yes. A co-pay is the amount paid by the member to the medical provider for each visit. The co-pay is not eligible to be applied to the PRA and is paid even after the PRA is met. The co-pay is $0 for Telemedicine, $50 for each primary care visit, $75 per specialist visit, $100 for urgent care and $150 for Emergency Room or hospital visits.

Impact follows the American Cancer Society recommendations when it comes to sharing in Preventative Care, which includes the following:

  • For women: Pap test - once every three years from 21-65 yrs, Mammogram – Age 45-54 yearly, every two years starting at age 55
  • Men: PSA test—one every year, starting at age 45
  • All: Colonoscopy—one every 10 years starting at age 50 or one every five years for members at high risk


Yes, you can use any doctor you want. Impact does not use a Provider Network so you can continue to use the doctors and hospitals of your choice, including Specialists!

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions are conditions in which treatment, symptoms or diagnosis occurred within 36 months prior to membership.

A Pre-Existing Medical Condition is eligible for sharing after the condition has gone 36 consecutive months without treatment or symptoms.  Treatment includes:

  • Care or services
  • Diagnostic measures
  • Prescribed drugs or medications

High blood pressure or high cholesterol that is controlled through medication will not be considered a Pre-Existing Medical Condition for purposes of determining eligibility for future vascular or cardiac events.

The Pre-Existing Medical Condition limitations do not apply to members 65 years old and older.


Prescription medication expenses may be credited toward the PRA if they are not considered treatment for chronic conditions that were pre-existing when the member joined Impact. After the Member’s PRA has been met, the prescription amount may be shared after the first $25 on generic drug prescription and after the first $50 on brand name prescription when a generic is unavailable.