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street family healthcare story

This is a story about Jeff and Melissa Street, a self-employed couple who have been struggling with the high costs of healthcare in the United States for over two decades.


Check out their unique healthcare sharing experience. Would you rather watch their video? You can watch their Impact video testimony here


Expensive healthcare options.

I've been self-employed for 24 years since I was 19 years old. Being self-employed in this country, the health care costs can be extremely high, and for years I actually went without health care because of the cost. I was just praying and hoping that nothing happened, and then as I matured in business, I signed up for a health care plan and spent a lot of money on it.  For a year, as a matter of fact, just last year, we were spending just under a thousand dollars a month on health care with one of the major providers just for the two of us. 


Healthcare savings with Impact are incredible. 

Well, when we found out about Impact Health Sharing, we were excited and became members. Now we're paying $364 a month, and the pricing absolutely amazing. We're saving close to seven thousand dollars a year, but on top of that, the prescription pricing is amazing as well. I was so excited that even though it was considered a pre-existing condition, I was still able to take advantage of the incredible wholesale pricing that Impact has for prescriptions. So I personally saved actually 30 percent on a pre-existing prescription cost.


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No provider network restrictions.

The other thing we love is that there are no network restrictions. We travel a lot, and I spend time in different areas. We love the fact that we don't have to worry about being out of the network. We loved that with Impact, we could go anywhere in the country, and all we had to do was just show our Impact ID card, and they took care of the rest.


Those struggling with the cost of high healthcare plans can see pricing options with Impact at any time. Just type in a few details to see what Impact may cost.

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