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Patrick Maser’s Healthcare Sharing Review

healthcare sharing story

Patrick Maser’s Healthcare Sharing Review

Patrick Maser shares his story with you about how he discovered Impact Health Sharing and how it has changed his life. 

Has healthcare and the cost to use it been a burden for your family? Patrick was having the same experience and didn’t think there was an answer until he found Impact. Check out what cost savings looked like for his family after making the switch.

Hi, my name is Patrick Maser. I'm from Dallas, Texas. My whole family has joined Impact Health Sharing. As a family, we went from spending over $3,000 a month to $628 with Impact Health Sharing. My first question was, how can I pay only $628 dollars for an entire family of four?

Patrick asked himself, how is it even possible to pay so little for health care?

Then I found out that Impact Health Sharing is a non-profit health care provider. We were excited, to say the least. The savings are going to go to work for our family, providing us with an even better lifestyle than we already have.

I asked myself, as a healthy person, why am I paying so much? Why am I paying so much for health care when I  don't go to a doctor every year? My family is young, and we're relatively healthy,

We were paying over three thousand dollars a month for health care, and I'm a self-employed person. Like a lot of self-employed people, that's a lot of money to be paying out for health care when you're not even using it the majority of the time. So you can imagine how excited I am to put $24,000 back into my family's pocket where it belongs.

I'm extremely excited and grateful that I was introduced to Impact Health. I think as independent people and people that are leaving jobs and going out in this gig economy, they don't even know it can be affordable to get health care. I would tell them to take a look at the Impact Health share because the savings are incredible, and now you can check that box off of I have health care.

unhappy at work

Do you feel stuck in a job you don’t enjoy?

How many people are working jobs where there's no passion behind their work but staying because of health care? Now we have an option and that's what I'm excited about. I am encouraging people I know in that space that are working jobs that are covering a health care bill, and not really a job that they truly love to quit and get Impact Health Sharing and go out and pursue your passion.

I think a lot of people like me in my 20’s didn't even have health coverage just because the cost was too much. Then starting a business and paying for health coverage, and then after having a family and children, I had to get health care was shocked that they wanted three dollars a month for health coverage for a relatively healthy family. Then when we were introduced to Impact Health Sharing I was blown away that there was no network, blown away that I was going from three thousand dollars a month to six hundred and twenty-eight dollars a month, so to say we're excited is probably a big understatement.

If you can relate to Patrick Maser’s story and want to explore an option that could possibly reduce your healthcare costs by 75%, then check out our pricing calculator, which will provide a quote within seconds.


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Impact is not health insurance but is an amazing alternative with options for all ages. If you would rather chat about what makes Impact a smart choice, click here.

Watch his story and others on our video page.