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The Williams FAMILY healthcare sharing STORY

williams testimony

Ryan and Megan Williams’ Impact Health Sharing Story


Health care is a major concern for families all over the world, and the Williams family is no exception. 


Ryan and Megan Williams have three children and have tried various forms of health insurance over the years, from private insurance with high monthly costs and deductibles to going without insurance altogether. However, they eventually discovered Impact Health Sharing, a sharing organization that provided them with affordable and transparent healthcare coverage.


In this video, Ryan and Megan share their Impact Health Sharing story, explaining why they love the program and how it has helped their family stay healthy and financially secure. 


Take a look at their story and think of others you may know who have lived through the same experience. This might be a great way to tell them about a better option.


This is my wonderful husband, Ryan, and we have three children. Our oldest is 16 years old, and the twin boys are crazy at 12 years old. So you're always worried about having coverage in case something happens. Of course, you don't want anything to happen, and so we have really looked at all the different avenues. In fact, over time, we've used different forms of insurance. We've gone from private insurance with the major providers and tremendous monthly costs and tremendously high deductibles that created a financial impact on our family that was unsustainable long term. 


Then we went for a period of time with no insurance, and we kind of rolled the dice and hoped and prayed nothing bad would happen to our family. But that's not a good decision for any family in the long term. Then there are alternative providers, the sharing organizations. There are some great ones out there, and we obviously are members of Impact Health Sharing. I really like that everything was so transparent when we were enrolled. What you got as your quote was what you paid. You didn't have any mystery to it, and then with the guidelines, it tells you right up front all the things are going to share, which is fantastic. 


A healthcare-sharing community that is inclusive.

Everybody in the Impact community has the same goals. Live healthily, support each other, and protect each other's welfare. In a sense that we feel comfortable, we know we're going to have it covered, but we don't have to justify or pay for things that we don't agree with in our standards.


I love that because everyone's included. In some of the other groups, we weren't invited because of our religious background, and yet in this, it's love thy neighbor.  We have this group of hard-working, some entrepreneurs, some self-employed, you know, gig workers, and we all want the same thing.


Impact story


Telemedicine makes our life easier.

I'll be honest, my favorite thing is telemedicine because, with three boys, you need to call them for sure!  Impact is Comprehensive Health Care, not only catastrophic health care, and one of the main things I appreciate about Impact Health Sharing versus some of the other sharing Network organizations we've been part of before is they're preventative in nature. They're not reactive. A lot of the other companies don't share any preventative health care, and it kind of shocked me as to why you would not want to be proactive in providing health care that's going to prevent major illnesses in the future rather than being reactive and only care once you have a major health issue that could have been found earlier if you just shared into regular preventative health care.


So when I saw that about Impact Health Sharing, and the fact the billing was handled like Insurance, although obviously, it is not insurance, it's an alternative to it. But it works better, feels better, and operates what you would feel is normal health coverage through your employer, maybe just from a different perspective.


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