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Healthcare costs in the United States continue to be a major concern for many people. The rising costs of healthcare, including insurance premiums, co-pays, and deductibles, can be a significant burden on families, especially those with restricted incomes. Despite the Affordable Care Act, many Americans still lack access to affordable healthcare. Prescription drug prices are also a growing concern, with many people struggling to afford their medications. 

The Ziemann family went years without coverage until they found an option that fit well within their budget. Find their story below.


A better way.

My name is Stephanie Zieman and I'm from Dallas Texas. As someone who works in real estate and is self-employed, we didn't have health insurance for almost 10 years. In my family, I've got two teenagers and a husband. So there are four of us. We always just kind of played Russian roulette with it because we're like we couldn't afford it. We couldn't afford $1700 or $1800 a month. When Impact came along it just made sense.


I had heard about Health Shares before but never could get involved with them because our son is asthmatic.  He has to have an inhaler every single month and we used to have a joke asking him “Do you need two puffs today? I know that's what it says but could you like get away with one? His inhalers were six hundred dollars a piece and with Impact they're $150 now.

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What did the president of an insurance company have to say?

My dad was the president of an insurance company for 30 years and so when I showed him Impact he said “I've never seen anything so good” and that you know really just went a long way for us. To see more details about Impact membership prescription costs and why it's a trusted option, visit our website.


If you are tired of shoveling out large amounts of money for prescription costs every month then you may want to take a closer look into Impact Health Sharing.


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