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Healthy Lung Month

Impact Healthcare Sharing optionOctober has been designated Healthy Lung Month, a month set aside for health care awareness for lungs. 


Learn how to keep your lungs healthy and get the facts about lung disease symptoms, causes, and treatments. Bring awareness to lung health by educating yourself on which personal habits or environmental exposures might affect lung health, either positively or negatively. 


Indoor air can be even more polluted than the air outdoors. Don't let the air in your home threaten your family's health. Keep humidity levels under 50 percent by using a dehumidifier or air conditioner, as needed. Don't use scented candles or fragrances to hide odors. Figure out what is causing the odor and take care of it. Test your home for radon, an invisible gas that causes lung cancer.


Protect yourself from air pollution and avoid exercising outdoors when pollution levels are high. You can check levels online at  Don't burn wood or trash. Use hand-powered or electric lawn-care equipment rather than gasoline-powered.


Impact Healthcare Sharing


What are the symptoms of lung disease?


  • Trouble breathing.


  • Shortness of breath.


  • Feeling like you're not getting enough air.


  • Decreased ability to exercise.


  • A cough that won't go away.


  • Coughing up blood or mucus.


  • Pain or discomfort when breathing (in or out).


Make an appointment to talk to your doctor if you are experiencing any of these symptoms. To prepare for a visit with your healthcare provider, we recommend the following.


  • Take a copy of your medical records, or request your previous healthcare provider to send them a copy. If you are unable to obtain your medical records, you can also write a short note about your health problems, remembering to include any relevant dates and surgeries.


  • Make a list of all the medicines you take. This means both prescribed and over-the-counter, as well as herbs and supplements.


  • Make a list of all your healthcare providers and what they are treating you for.


  • Make a list of all your symptoms and highlight those that bother you most, along with the approximate date they began.


Eat these foods for better lung health.


  • Garlic and onions
  • Ginger
  • Chili peppers
  • Cruciferous vegetables
  • Pomegranates
  • Turmeric
  • Apples
  • Grapefruit
  • Beans, seeds, and nuts

Help yourself and everyone breathe easier, by supporting national, state, and local efforts to clean up sources of pollution. To keep your lungs in tip-top shape, exercise regularly, avoid smoking, and follow a healthy diet. 


Impact Healthcare Sharing  

The lungs are an essential organ for human life because they work to bring in oxygen and remove carbon dioxide. Just think, this happens all day without you putting any thought into it! 


Providing the right nutrients for your body can improve the function of your lungs and overall health. 


“The greatest miracle on Earth is the human body. It is stronger and wiser than you may realize, and improving its ability to self-heal is within your control."  ~ Dr. Fabrizio Mancini

At Impact, we care about your health. Health care is something we all need, to protect those we love. What you need should be left up to you. So, we’ve created a community of people like you that is set to change the face of healthcare as you know it!


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