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Does Healthcare Sharing Share Maternity COSTS?

maternity sharing

Impact is a great option for families, especially because members report saving thousands yearly by switching from traditional insurance.

Are you curious about how Impact membership covers maternity costs?

Since Impact Health Sharing is not insurance, you will notice that we don't use the term cover but replace that with the word sharing.


Whether it’s your first child or fourth child, this is an exciting time in your life, and the last thing you want to worry about is your medical bills being taken care of.  Are you wondering how maternity is handled when you are a member of Impact Healthcare Sharing?


Read over what Impact Health Sharing offers and write down any questions you may have so we can help. 


Are maternity expenses eligible for Sharing?

Maternity is Eligible for Sharing after the mother has been a member for 12 months. 


Sharing is limited to $150,000 for any single pregnancy event, including antepartum care, the cost of delivery, complications to the mother and/or child(ren), and postpartum care.


To be eligible, delivery must be performed by a medical doctor, doctor of osteopathy, or midwife who is properly licensed, board-certified, and/or registered in the state of delivery.

The 12-month requirement is determined by the Estimated Due Date (EDD) documented in the medical record. If the EDD is at or after the 12thmonth of membership, then the maternity event is eligible for sharing


Can I apply for membership if I am already pregnant?

You may apply for membership if you are pregnant, but the pregnancy would not be eligible for sharing.

How do I  find a provider?

Impact does not use a provider network. You may keep your current provider or go to any provider of your choice.

Can I use a midwife as a member of Impact Health Sharing?

Midwives and home births may be eligible for sharing. We encourage you to schedule a call with the team for more information. A midwife must be licensed, certified, or registered in the state of delivery for sharing to be considered. Impact requires verification of these credentials and a copy of documents confirming the state license, certification or registration of the midwife. Failure to provide this documentation will result in the bills being ineligible for sharing. 

What is Global Billing?

Global Billing is not unique to Impact Health Sharing. It is an AMA and CMS approved billing practice, which consists of OB/GYN or midwife care from conception to six weeks postpartum. All maternity/delivery-related charges from your OB/GYN provider will be billed together (“globally”) AFTER your delivery. Providers should not submit individual bills for office visits during pregnancy, as they are also part of the global bill. This will result in a denial from Impact due to the expectation of the global bill being submitted later.


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When can I add my newborn to membership?

If a parent is a member at the time of delivery, and an application to Add-on a Family Member is completed and submitted within 30 days of delivery, the newborn is a member from birth. If the notification deadline is not met, the member can still submit the application. The membership date will be effective the month after it is approved. Consequently, it is important you’re the application is submitted within 30 days of delivery. 


Children born into Impact can potentially change your monthly share amount. If you are sharing at a level for one or two, the addition of a child will increase your share to the family amount. You may want to check the online share calculator to determine what your new share amount will be. 


Always refer to our Maternity Guide for the most detailed information. 

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