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Are Claims Filed with Healthcare Sharing?

healthcare claims


Since Impact Health Sharing is not insurance, there are no claims to be filed.

Healthcare Sharing is a non-insurance solution to the rising cost of healthcare. When you join Impact, you create a Share Account and are connected to thousands of other like-minded community members. The community directly shares in each other's individual and unique health-care costs.

Every member chooses a Primary Responsibility Amount (PRA) that makes sense for their family and budget. This amount is similar to an insurance deductible and is the amount your family is responsible for paying before bills can be shared. Once your PRA has been met, and your co-share applied, your medical bills will be shared and paid by other members pursuant to the eligibility criteria.

If there are no claims, how are bills paid?

Your medical bills will be submitted to Impact by your medical providers. Impact will process all bills for eligibility per the Guidelines. Eligible Medical Bills are then loaded into the Virtual Share Exchange for sharing. Amounts Approved for Sharing are allocated to your fellow members who have been matched to share in (pay) your bill.

Impact coordinates the payment of your eligible medical bills directly to your provider.

If a provider asks where I send a bill, what do I tell them?

Please have your provider send your bill(s) to, and be sure to remind them to include your membership ID number and name in the Subject line. Please note that if you do not have the diagnosis code(s), procedure code(s), and the provider's tax ID number, this will delay the processing of your bill. It takes about 30-60 days for proper processing of a bill.

You can also call Impact Health Sharing directly at 1-855-378-6777 option 2, and then option 1.

care navigators

Care Navigators are here to help, too!

Care Navigators can help you find providers in your local market that are accepting Impact. These providers are ranked based on historical data which accounts for cost, quality, location, and prior utilization.

When you’re in need of care and assistance in finding a provider, contact Impact Health Sharing and ask to speak with a Care Navigator. We are here to help you with any medical need.

For non-emergency care, consider using a telemedicine provider. Choose your provider, present your Impact member card, and pay the Provider Fee at the time of visit. The provider fee is $0 for telemedicine, $50 for each primary care visit, $75 per specialist or urgent care visit, and $150 for hospitals.

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