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A Valentine's Day to Remember

by Impact Health Sharing

Impact Health Sharing


Here we are again with another first. Valentine’s Day amid a pandemic. So why not make this holiday one you can remember (in a good way) and show the ones you love how much you appreciate them?



For some, this holiday brings stress and pressure but we believe the little things count, so don’t allow the anxiety to creep in worrying about the perfect gift. Sometimes a handwritten card has the most significant impact!



Here are 10 sweet ways to make this Valentine’s Day memorable.


         1. Virtual cooking class.


Yep, that’s a thing. You can even buy a membership for an entire year. Learn new cooking skills, or learn how to make fancy pastries. The options are endless. We found an extensive list of online cooking course choices here.



2. Go for a drive. 

There’s no telling where you might end up but grab that sense of adventure, fill up that gas tank and install Google Maps. Once you open Google Maps, you can look for fun markers of exciting destinations to explore.



          3. Sunrise or sunset.


This could be a sweet memory like no other Valentine’s Day before! Make some coffee to-go and surprise your valentine with sunrise, or have a special dessert and share it while you watch the sunset. Bonus if you have a handwritten card ready to go.



          4. Write a love letter.


If you haven’t done this already, it’s time. Putting your feelings down on paper and sharing what qualities you admire can bring some spunk back into a relationship. It’s amazing what memories start to show up when you write down why you fell in love with someone. Bonus if you have special paper and pens with an envelope.




5. Take a romantic bath.


Surround the tub with candles, sprinkle some rose petals in the water and have some chocolates within arm’s reach. Creating a relaxing and romantic environment does not mean you need extravagant details. Sometimes the surprise is the wow factor. Bonus if you add in relaxing spa music.



         6. Make heart-shaped food.


Use your imagination for this one—pizza, pancakes, cupcakes or cookies. Heart-shaped foods are fun for every age!



         7. Learn a new activity together.


Take a dance class, golf lessons, or take a painting class. When you learn something together, a special bond is created because you share something new as a team.



          8. Go on a hike.


Put on your coat and hiking boots, hit a local trail, or find an entirely new one. Enjoy the scenery without spending a ton of cash. Bonus points if you pack lunch or even a special snack, like fruit cut in the shape of hearts!



 9. Try an escape room.


This is a great idea that requires trust, support, and teamwork. There are virtual options available if you don’t have any escape rooms open locally.


Impact Health Sharing



         10. Take a trip.


Get out of your comfort zone and pick a destination you haven’t been to before. We found this gem that was just published listing thirty-one last-minute weekend getaways and cheap vacations.



There are so many dating options out there to choose from, depending upon your interests, budget, and location. There’s something for every couple. Remember, whether you’re 20 or 60, dating should always be fun!



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