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12 Pieces of Advice for Your Younger Self

by Impact Health Sharing


 Impact Health Sharing

Wouldn’t life be different if we could time travel back to when we were younger? Oh, the secrets and wisdom we would pass down to our younger self to prevent heartache and maybe even sickness!


But what if you have the opportunity to speak to the next generation? What would you tell them? You may get the chance, and if not, you can always share this post in hopes it will positively impact another life.


Let’s explore some points that may benefit your loved ones or community?



  1. Don’t look to relationships to make you happy because you should be happy with yourself first. Relationships come and go; don't stop living your life because of someone else. When you understand your worth, your happiness won’t be dependent upon how someone treats you, and your joy will not be easily stolen.

  2. Don’t make assumptions about people because you’re mistaken 85% of the time. Instead, stop and do your own fact-checking before deciding that you know something. When you only go by facts, you can avoid the trap of false assumptions and prevent unnecessary difficulties. 

  3. Laugh as much and as hard as you can. There will always be times in life when we have to deal with certain circumstances that are genuinely serious. However, we tend to add unnecessary stress, pressure and negativity to situations with our “serious” attitudes. So instead, look for more ways to laugh—at ourselves, at the situation, or in general!

  4. Remind yourself, ‘This too shall pass.’ Knowing this can get you through most things. Sometimes circumstances can make us feel as if life is hopeless; but nothing lasts forever. Remember to rest and refresh so your perspective is not run solely by emotions.

  5. Occasionally remove people from your life. Be careful who and what you surround yourself with; choosing your friends wisely. Be careful who you take advice from.

  6. Nutrition is important. Your mom was right! You should eat your vegetables. Many vegetables and fruits contain phytochemicals, which are biologically active substances that can help protect against some diseases. Improve your health with a smoothie and keep fruits and vegetables handy to fuel your body.

  7. Time is more valuable than money. Learn to live from a place of gratitude and appreciate what you have, instead of thinking about what you want.

  8. Boundaries are important. This is important not only with relationships but also with how much time you spend at work, in the gym, or on a hobby. Boundaries are good.

  9. The road to success is paved in failure. There are endless opportunities to pursue a million different things. Do not let fear stop you from exploring new ideas, new careers and opportunities.

  10. Work hard and with integrity. A strong and steady character will build trust; and with trust comes promotion. Giving your best and showing you are dependable might make others take a risk even if you don’t have the experience.

  11. Don't neglect your mind or body. If you find yourself spending too much time worrying, take a step back. Assess your feelings and the situation leaving room for another perspective. It is also important to set aside time to unplug and recharge. Living past your electronics is where you will create the best memories.

  12. Be prepared for your life to change. Change is inevitable so don’t let it paralyze you. Learn how to adapt, otherwise you could be denying yourself the opportunity to learn and grow.

 Impact Health Sharing



“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.” - Albert Einstein



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