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What Makes Impact Healthcare Sharing the Better Healthcare Option?

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My name is Dr. Maharaj, and I'm the medical director here at Impact Health Sharing. And we have today Phil Chrysler, President, and CEO of Impact Health Sharing.

All right, Phil, do you want to start by telling some of those that maybe didn't join us last time? What is healthcare sharing?

Phil Chrysler (00:42):
Sure. Healthcare sharing is individuals; it's families; it's small businesses that are like-minded and contribute monthly to eligible medical expenses. It's a not-for-profit approach that reduces costs. We do it in a very transparent way with our community with the ability to connect everybody on our platform, which is an industry-leading kind of platform that does all that.

Dr. Maharah (01:30):
You sign up for healthcare sharing and become a member you'll receive a card via mail. When you make an appointment to see your healthcare provider, you present that card to them. The card displays your provider fee, whether it's primary care or specialist. That's how much you would pay at the time of your appointment. The provider will electronically send the bill to Impact, and we review it to determine its eligibility.

Phil Chrysler (02:09):
Healthcare sharing works very similarly to what you may be used to, but also in different ways, much better. You benefit from repricing, and you don't have to get involved and inject yourself into that process. Once they're sent to us, we process the bill and make sure it is eligible. And so I love the works better, feels better aspect of Impact in, in trying to make the process as member-centric and as simple is as possible.
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Dr. Maharah (02:55):
Excellent. And speaking of working better feel better. We're going to chat with Dr. Rhonda Bolden soon. And she has a unique story. She joined Impact Health Sharing right at our inception. And unfortunately, just a few months later, she developed stage four breast cancer. And throughout her entire process, she describes her ease of operation with dealing with Impact and her providers. We're happy to report that today she is cancer-free, and she has completed her treatment again, all of which was shared with the membership. So when you talk about feeling better, that has to hit home knowing that your money went towards helping Dr. Bolden through Impact's healthcare sharing program. 

Phil Chrysler (03:43):
Yeah. In her hour of need, right? The community was there to help her encourage her, and make sure she wasn't in any financial despair with her medical bills.

Dr. Maharaj (03:53):
And one of the things that she talked to me about is that when you are diagnosed with cancer, it's a stressful time. The last thing she wanted to worry about was her healthcare bills but having Impact eliminated that worry and helped her heal and focus on improving her health trusting that her healthcare sharing community is supporting her. 

Hearing from other members does help put things in perspective, so we encourage you to check out more stories like Dr. Bolden's here.