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Small changes for successful weight loss

weight loss tips

Small changes for successful weight loss


Losing weight can be a challenge, but making small changes to your lifestyle can help you achieve your goals.


Here are some tips that can help:

Drink plenty of water: Drinking water can help you feel full and reduce the amount of food you eat. Aim for at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Be prepared: We've all heard it - breakfast is dubbed the most important meal of the day for a reason. Some research claim that skipping breakfast is associated with a greater risk for obesity, diabetes, and high cholesterol — whereas breakfast eaters can often maintain a healthier weight. It's almost helpful to eat slowly, allowing your body to register when you're full, which can help you avoid overeating.

Avoid eating late at night: Eating late at night can lead to weight gain, as your body has less time to burn off the calories.

Get plenty of sleep: Sleep deprivation can lead to weight gain. When you don't get enough sleep, your levels of the stress hormone cortisol rise.  So make sure you get enough rest. Aim for at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night.

Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet: Fruits and vegetables are low in calories and high in nutrients, making them a great addition to your diet if you're trying to lose weight. Consider choices like spinach, squash, dark green lettuce, broccoli, chard, green beans, peas, sweet potatoes, peppers, and tomatoes.

Avoid sugary drinks: Sugary drinks, such as soda and fruit juice, can contain a lot of calories and sugar, which can contribute to weight gain. Stock up on plain seltzer water or club soda to drink instead of regular sodas. Find some herbal tea flavors to enjoy for a healthy treat without the calories.


healthy eating for weight loss


Choose healthier snacks: Instead of reaching for junk food, choose healthier snacks, such as nuts or fruit, to help you stay on track. 

Exercise regularly: Regular exercise can help you burn calories and build muscle, which can boost your metabolism and help you lose weight. Walk to get the mail instead of driving. Walk with a friend at least once a week.


‘Find your why’: Start broad. Write down as many reasons you can think of for wanting to lose weight. Some may be, “I want to feel good about myself,” "I want to fit in my old jeans," or "I want to be stronger."  After you make a list choose your top three reasons and remind yourself each day why you want to lose weight.


Remember, losing weight is a journey, and it's important to be patient and persistent. Making small changes to your lifestyle can help you reach your goals, so keep at it and don't give up!