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How Do I Explain Healthcare Sharing to My Doctors?

by Impact Health Sharing

Impact Health Sharing 

We understand that going to the doctor for the first time after switching from traditional health insurance to healthcare sharing may bring about some nervousness. Let’s go through the simple steps together.



Step 1. Choose your medical provider—no network limitations. Just see your preferred provider.



Step 2. Show your member ID card. If you have used health insurance in the past, using Impact Health Sharing won't feel a whole lot different.


  • Present your Impact member ID card to the staff and ask the provider to bill Impact using the information on the back of your card. All of the information that their billing specialist will need is on the card.


  • Our phone number is also included on the card if they have any questions. If they ask what network Impact participates in, let them know that you are free to see any provider you choose.


  • Keep in mind there are hundreds of healthcare options these days. If your provider hasn’t seen a patient with Impact before you, they may have to add Impact to their Payer ID system. It is best to ask the provider to call if they run into any problems.



Step 3. Pay your provider fee.


For non-emergency care, consider using a telehealth provider.


Pay the provider fee as follows:


  • $0 for telehealth.
  • $50 for primary care.
  • $75 for specialists.
  • $75 for urgent care.
  • $150 Emergency Room or inpatient hospitalization.



At each visit, only pay your provider fee. You should never be asked to pay for services out of pocket or upfront. If so, please ask the provider to call Impact at 855-378-6777.



Step 4. Receive the care you need when and where you need it.


Step 5. Pre-notification is required. Sometimes it takes more than one visit to get you back on your feet. Be sure to direct providers to pre-notify Impact for any of the following treatments to be eligible for sharing:


  • Cancer treatments.
  • Elective cardiac procedures.
  • Inpatient hospitalizations.
  • Non-emergency surgery.
  • Organ/tissue transplant services.



Providers must pre-notify by calling 855-378-6777. In the event of emergency/urgent care, the member or provider is required to provide notification within 72 hours after treatment.


Pre-notification of medical bills does not guarantee eligibility or sharing.



 Impact Health Sharing



Can I use any doctor?


Yes! Impact does not use a Provider Network; therefore, you can continue to use the doctors and hospitals of your choice, including specialists.

We put together a short video that explains in detail.


Recently, member, Dorothy S., shared her experience and why she would recommend Impact Health Sharing to others. “Impact Health Sharing rocks! This was surgery week for my teenager's knee. From all the provider calls and forms ... professional, personal and timely service.”


If you are ready to take the next step and explore your pricing options, you can do that using our calculator here.



Joining Impact is easy and rewarding. When you join this community of people who are like-minded and want to create something better and kinder when needed most, you end up with a group of people cheering you on to succeed!



"A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees." ~ Amelia Earhart




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