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How Do Busy Moms Find Time to Work Out?

by Impact Health Sharing

 Impact Health Sharing


When you become a mother, it’s easy to give up self-care, making your children your priority. Life is full of family and work, and all too often moms neglect their bodies.


Negative self-talk will keep you stagnant and headed down a road of unhealthy behavior that could lead to mental burnout and possibly even disease.



Do you find yourself hearing these whispers of false beliefs?


“I don’t have time for myself.”

“I’m too tired.”

“I feel guilty if I take time to exercise.”

“I eat junk, so why bother working out.”

“I am too out of shape.”



Do any of these feelings resonate?


  • Sluggish
  • Tired
  • Overwhelmed
  • Bloated
  • Achy
  • Frustrated



It's often hard for a busy mom to find the time for fitness, but it is possible with a few lifestyle changes.


The first step will be to change your mindset. Let’s look at some ways to do that.


  • Focus on health and not weight loss.


  • Be positive. A negative mindset will cause you to give up quickly.


  • Believe you are capable of making change.


  • If you fail, don’t give up. Try again.


  • Make a practice of repeating a motivating mantra every day whenever you need to tap its power. Try something simple like, “Don’t give up on yourself,” or “My body deserves to be taken care of.”


  • Keep your mind on the things you can do today. Don’t get too far ahead.


  • Envision yourself as a healthier person.


  • Be grateful for what you have. If you are thankful for those 5 minutes of sit-ups or crunches, you may find an additional 5 more.



Try one, two, or multiple strategies listed below.


  • Do small bursts of movements in 5-minute increments. This is a great option for those with a tight schedule, or for those that just think getting into shape is impossible. Start with 10 push-ups, and if you can’t do push-ups, try one of these alternatives.


  • Look for opportunities everywhere to get more minutes of movement. While you are preparing dinner march in place, park in the furthest spot at the grocery store, take the stairs when possible, or do squats while you are watching your favorite show.


  • Be accountable. If you struggle with self-discipline, it’s a good idea to link up with someone who has similar goals. Stroller walks with friends are a great way to burn those calories.


  • There are a number of fitness programs that are free and available online. If going to the gym is an issue, streaming a fitness program could be your best option. You can go at your own pace and many times become a part of a community.


  • If you get overwhelmed easily, choose one day a week to preplan your meals and lay out your workout clothes the night before.


  • No more mindless munching. Those snacks while you are cooking the family’s dinner add up. Have some precut veggies handy, like carrots or celery instead.


  • Stop eating late. If you find yourself hungry right before bed, there’s a great chance you aren’t fueling your body enough during the day.


  • Create a routine. Parents know how important it is to have children on a routine, so make one for yourself. Start with a healthy breakfast to get your day going in the right direction. Don’t forget to celebrate the small stuff!


  • Exercise as a family. Your children can be your best workout buddies. Going for a walk would be rewarding but switch it up and have a dance party, or go for a bike ride.



 Impact Health Sharing


Smart snacking will help you stay on track.


Here are 10 healthy, 100 or less calorie snacks to keep that waist slim and trim.


  1. Two cups of blueberries.
  2. Any raw vegetable served alone or with a serving of hummus.
  3. One hard-boiled egg.
  4. One granola bar.
  5. One cheese stick.
  6. 100-calorie almond packs.
  7. Peanut butter (1 tbsp.) on two celery sticks.
  8. A half-cup cottage cheese.
  9. A half-cup Halo Top® ice cream.
  10. 15 ParmCrisps.


If you don't make healthy habits a priority, chances are they won't happen, especially on those mornings you are running late and in a rush.


Remember that you deserve to be fit, and your children deserve a healthy and happy mom. Taking care of yourself will reduce stress and boost your self-esteem.


It’s time to move yourself from the bottom of your priority list. Find what inspires and motivates you to care for your body.


Don't forget to make those appointments for yearly checkups. The tests eligible for sharing for Impact members are as follows:

  • Women: Pap test—one every three years from age 21-65.
    Mammogram—one every year for ages 45-54, every two years starting at age 55.

  • Men: PSA test—one every year, starting at age 45.

  • All: Colonoscopy—one every 10 years starting at age 45 or one every five years for members at high risk.

  • All: As it pertains to eligible preventive care for both men and women, both the test and coordinated office visit will be eligible for sharing.

  • Infants and children: Sharing for routine well-child care is eligible until the child reaches the age of six. Well-child care is defined as recommended routine check-ups and associated lab work, excluding vaccinations and/or immunizations. 

  • See more details on our website!



“An empty lantern provides no light. Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly.” – Unknown


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