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Healthcare Trends In 2023

healthcare trends

Healthcare Trends In 2023


Healthcare is an ever-evolving industry, and there are many trends that are expected to shape the field in 2023.


Here are some of the top healthcare trends to watch for:


1.  Telemedicine: Telemedicine, or virtual healthcare, is expected to continue its rapid growth in 2023. Patients are increasingly turning to telemedicine as a convenient and cost-effective way to receive medical care. Impact members can use telemedicine 24/7 with $0 provider fee. 

2. Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to play a big role in healthcare in 2023. AI can be used to help with tasks such as disease diagnosis, drug discovery, and patient monitoring.

3. Precision Medicine: Precision medicine is a personalized approach to healthcare that takes into account a patient's genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors. Precision medicine is expected to become more widespread in 2023, allowing for more personalized and effective treatment options.


fitness trackers


4. Wearables: Wearables, such as fitness trackers and smartwatches, are expected to become more integrated into healthcare in 2023. These devices can collect data on a patient's health, helping doctors make more informed decisions about their care. You can keep track of goals, and some show heart rate, oxygen levels, and more. Do your research and find one that will work best for your particular needs.


5. Value-based Care: Value-based care is a model of healthcare that focuses on outcomes rather than the volume of services provided. This approach is expected to become more prevalent in 2023, as healthcare providers look for ways to provide high-quality care at a lower cost. With Impact Health Sharing, members see any doctor of choice nationwide. No network fees, no network limitations. This means more choices and lower costs to you. Since Impact participates with any provider, you can see your doctor and specialists. 

6. Health and Wellness Programs: Health and wellness programs are expected to become increasingly popular in 2023, as employers look for ways to improve the health of their employees and reduce healthcare costs.

7. Patient Empowerment: Patients are becoming more engaged in their own healthcare, and this trend is expected to continue in 2023. Patients are looking for more information about their health and seeking out tools to help them take a more active role in their care. Impact offers members transparency. By logging into the Impact Member Center, Impact members can see where their money went and send encouraging notes to those going through challenging times.


8. Affordability: Impact members are saving thousands when they switch to Impact. Plans start as low as $73 for individuals and $378 for families. We have designed four pricing options for individuals and families, as well as special pricing for seniors.


These trends represent a shift in healthcare towards a more patient-centered and technology-driven approach. By keeping these trends in mind, healthcare providers and policymakers can work towards creating a more effective and efficient healthcare system for everyone.