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Common Myths about Healthcare Sharing

Myths about Healthcare Sharing


Common Myths about Healthcare Sharing

When Healthcare Sharing started over 25 years ago, there were a lot of unknowns. The great news is that it has grown to over a million members over the years and the amount of money Americans are saving is incredible!


Remember to do your due diligence as you would with any company you are trusting with your health. Not all Sharing organizations work the same and each has requirements the members must adhere to. 


Impact Health Sharing is a dependable choice focused on the members through transparency and freedom to choose any provider.


Let’s take a look at some of the myths about Healthcare Sharing.

Myth #1

You must be a Christian to become a member.



Although there are some like Medi-Share, Samaritan Ministries, and Christian Healthcare Ministries that require you to be a part of a Christian church, Impact Health Sharing does not. We exercise, and express practical applications of Christian faith, beliefs, and ethics and we believe that healthcare sharing should be for everyone who agrees to bring together individuals and families in shared acts of the common good.

Myth #2

You have to pay for your medical bills yourself and wait to be reimbursed.



While some of the older Healthcare Sharing models work this way, Impact has direct billing. You show your card, your provider bills Impact, and the rest of the process follows!

Myth #3

Wellness and preventive care is not a shareable medical need.



This is actually true of many Healthcare Sharing Ministries. Impact Health Sharing chose to include this in membership. Check out the details to understand how it works.

Myth #4

Members have to stay within a specific network, or there’s an added charge.



A few Healthcare Sharing groups have a provider network. Impact saw that restriction and decided to keep a member-centered focus with no restrictions on what provider you can see. If your provider isn’t familiar with Impact, simply show your card and have them give us a call or just tell them to bill Impact like they would any other healthcare group.

Myth #5

It takes a long time for bills to be paid, and they end up in collections.



This has been a recent complaint of multiple sharing ministries, unfortunately. Impact Health Sharing processes bills on average in 19 days. We have a process, we educate our members, and it works well!

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Myth #6

Healthcare Sharing works just like traditional health insurance, all I do is show my card, and I’m done! 



Healthcare Sharing is not insurance and works similarly but not the same. One difference is that members need to understand the guidelines, so there are no surprises later down the road. There is typically an annual responsibility amount that members must meet FIRST before other bills are shared by members. Bills are still sent to Impact, discounted, and if the annual amount has not been met, it is the member’s responsibility.

Myth #7

I can only join once I cancel my current healthcare plan during open enrollment.



With Impact Health Sharing, you can join anytime! You are not restricted to open enrollment periods, and you can join even if you have a current plan that isn’t meeting your needs.

Myth #8

Those over 65 cannot join a healthcare sharing ministry because they have Medicare.



With Impact Health Sharing, we are happy to have Seniors join! If you are 65 or older, you are required to have Medicare Parts A & B to join Impact.  Impact is always secondary to Medicare Parts A & B. One great thing about this is that there are no preexisting condition restrictions or provider fees for Impact members with Medicare. 

Myth #9

Healthcare Sharing is only for individuals.



Although some Healthcare Sharing organizations don’t offer solutions for businesses and organizations' Impact, Health Sharing does! We understand how difficult it is for small organizations and business owners to find affordable options that gain employees access to quality health care, and we are ready to help.