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Sharing Snapshot

Sam, Age 25

Occupation: Sam is a graphic designer who works remotely.

Location: South

Income: Moderate

Background: Sam is a single 25-year-old active young man who graduated from college and lives on his own.

Health Concerns

Sam is very healthy and has no health concerns at this time. He does understand the importance of having healthcare just in case.


Sam likes to keep a tight budget and is looking for an option that includes checkups and Telemedicine.
Sam perfers to do as much as he can online and would like to avoid exposure to COVID-19 and other viruses found in a provider's office.

Impact Health Sharing Member

Sam chose the highest PRA of $10,000 so his monthly share amount is low.  Sam recently had a rash on his legs after hiking with some friends. He made an appointment that Saturday with a Teledoctor. He showed the rash to the doctor and discovered it was poison ivy.
The doctor called in a prescription, and Sam picked it up and was itch free the next day. He was happy he did not miss work and had a $0 provider fee for the visit.
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