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Sharing Snapshot

Janette, Age 31

Occupation: Customer Service Representative

Location: North East Suburbs 

Income: Low-moderate

Education: Associates Degree

Background: Janette is a single mom with a 7-year-old son.     

Health Concerns

  • Janette's son had one ER visit after falling off his bike.
  • Janette's son needs annual checkups and vaccinations.
  • Janette sometimes skips her own doctor appointments due to financial challenges.
  • Janette can't take much time off work for appointments.


Janette needs a healthcare option that is affordable monthly, and covers preventive care, sickness, and accidents.

Janette also needs an option that includes Telehealth to prevent her from missing work when her son has minor issues.

Impact Health Sharing Member

Janette joined Impact and chose a PRA of $5000. She is relieved to be an Impact member because it gives her access to affordable healthcare for both her and her son without causing financial stress. She loves having others encourage her in the community and gained a lot of peace knowing telemedicine was available 24/7 with a $0 provider fee.
She is thankful that wellness visits are a part of membership and relieved she has a safety net. Recently her son had a fever and flu-like symptoms, and Janette was able to use telehealth and get him the prescription he needed.
Mom on Virtual Doctor Appointment