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Sharing Snapshot

Harper Family

Mom, Dad, 3 children  Age: 36, 34, 12, 11, 8
Occupation: Stephen is a Real Estate Agent and Nora works full-time as a teacher at her children’s private school.

Stephen and Nora have a busy schedule and need a healthcare option that does all the work. Currently, Stephen works for himself. Nora’s employer offers healthcare that would cost over half of her paycheck to cover the whole family.  

Location: Northern Suburbs   
Income:  Upper-Middle
Education: Bachelors Degree and Master’s Degree


Health Concerns

Stephen has no health concerns but likes to stay on top of his annual bloodwork because the men in his family have a history of heart disease. He understands the importance of preventing disease. 
Nora has a history of allergies and can’t imagine going another summer without something to calm her itchy eyes since the over-the-counter options aren’t helping. The children need annual physicals for school sports as well as checkups and vaccinations. 


Annual wellness and bloodwork should be included as well as a backup for accidents and emergencies. 

Nora would love to have a healthcare option that includes Telehealth for those late-night fevers or weekend bee stings and colds.

Impact Health Sharing Member

The Harper family chose a PRA of $7500. They use Telemedicine when their children get a cold or an unexpected rash. They have Impact as a backup for emergencies and are saving thousands each year by making the switch to Impact from insurance. Recently their eleven-year-old son sprained his wrist while playing basketball with friends.

They took him to Urgent Care and had x-rays, and received a brace. They submitted the bill to Impact, and it was discounted from $500 down to $169.00. Since the household PRA had not been met yet, they were responsible for that amount, and it was applied to their PRA, leaving a balance of $7331.
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