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Tips to Create Easter Traditions


April has already brought us some first-time experiences and Easter this year is just one more thing we will most likely be doing differently.


With social-distancing restrictions that impact our gatherings, and having to host family dinner (because it won’t be at Gramma Julie’s this year), it’s time to get creative and celebrate the holiday just the same.


With all the talk of COVID-19, Easter may have snuck up on you, so we’d like to help. It’s the perfect opportunity to switch things up. 


In the past, you may have had a family tradition of dying eggs, but this year you may not have access to extra eggs. Looking for a list of stores that may be open? This list was just published


Here are some of our ideas on how to celebrate while practicing social distancing.


  • Movie. There are plenty of movies to choose from that are family-friendly like “Hop” or “It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown.” To see more ideas, check out this list compiled by Woman’s Day magazine


  • Egg Hunt. Maybe this year you didn’t get the chance to grab jelly beans or candy, but you can fill up plastic eggs with notes, stickers, coins, rewards of “15 minutes extra of game time” or “skip your chore for one week.” You could really switch things up and have the kids hide the eggs and the adults do the hunting.


  • Simple Craft. This suncatcher is a very simple craft that can be done with items you most likely have laying around the house. It’s colorful, cheap, and easy! Find directions here.


  • Baked Rolls. Maybe you are looking for a creative way to teach the burial and resurrection of Jesus. These resurrection rolls are easy to bake and taste great! Check out the recipe with instructions here


  • Brunch. It’s possible that you won’t find the traditional ham for Easter dinner. Why not have brunch instead? From quiche to frittatas, has a large selection of ideas with a step-by-step recipe. 


  • Video Chat. Regardless of the reason for not being able to gather with family for a holiday or another special time, it is always difficult not being with the ones you love. This year, why not schedule a time to have a video chat or even a virtual Seder? 


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There are many ideas available that we can continue to celebrate this holiday. It just takes a little thinking outside the box, remembering safety first! 


Communities are getting creative by posting decorative eggs on their windows so that parents can drive or walk with their children spotting the different ways people are using their creative talent, as well as having fun with the extra time at home. Check out just one idea listed here


Do you have a family Easter or Passover tradition? Are you experimenting with something new this year? Is your neighborhood doing something different for local children? 


Why not share your ideas with our Impact Community? Leave us a comment below.