Is there something I can take to my provider to explain Impact?

Yes. Print our provider letter to take with you prior to your appointment.

If a provider has questions, it's best they call the toll-free number on the back of the member ID card and follow the provider-specific prompts. The Impact specialist will explain the program in further detail and negotiate if necessary. If they don't want to call, you can print this provider letter and take it with you.

Watch this video for more information on using Impact at any provider. 

Care Navigators are here to help, too!

Care Navigators can help you find Providers in your local market that are accepting Impact. These Providers are ranked based on historical data which accounts for cost, quality, location, and prior utilization.

When you’re in need of care and assistance in finding a Provider, contact Impact Health Sharing, and ask to speak with a Care Navigator. We are here to help you with any medical need. 

Want to learn more about Care Navigators and how Impact was able to save $4.68 million on medical needs last year? Check out this article.