How do I use my Impact card to save on prescriptions?

Impact Works Better, Feels Better with prescriptions too. It feels good to get honest prices. Not marked up. No extra fees.

Step 1 – Get Your Prescription

You’ve gone to the doctor, gotten your diagnosis, and now it’s time for your doctor to give you a prescription. Most people will have someone call this info. into their “regular” pharmacy, but you’re not most people.

Before your doctor e-prescribes, tell him you’d like to check your pharmacy options in the Member Center and that you will direct them to what pharmacy to e-prescribe to. If the office can offer you a handwritten Rx to take with you, even better. Now your destiny and decision lie in your own hands.


Step 2 – Check Prices in the Member Center

Enter your prescription info. in the search bar and we’ll give you a list of all your local pharmacies, along with the cost of your prescription.

Most people don’t know that they have a choice when it comes to filling a prescription, and that’s okay if you didn’t know that either. Now you do, and that’s what matters.


Step 3 – Go to Your Pharmacy of Choice

You get to look through your list of options and decide what to do next. Maybe driving an extra few minutes is worth the savings; maybe it’s not. It’s your call, and that’s called freedom.

This might take some getting used to, but with Impact you’re in control. We let you make a choice that you probably didn’t even know you had before. Just remember, that for a prescription to be eligible for sharing, it needs to be filled using your member ID card.


Step 4 – Pick Up Your Script, Capture BIG Savings, Get Well!

Picking up your prescription and capturing the savings is the best part!

If you plan to submit the expense to Impact, be sure to keep your receipt and all of the prescription information provided by the pharmacy. Usually, it is the handout they staple to the bag that includes drug info., dosage, prescribing doctor, etc. You can find Reimbursement Instructions in the Member Center when you are feeling better.

For more information, see our prescription blog.