When do I need to do a pre-notification?

Is pre-notification required?

Members or Providers are required to pre-notify Impact for any of the following treatments to be eligible for sharing:

• Cancer Treatment

• Elective Cardiac Procedures

• inpatient/outpatient surgery

• Non-emergency hospital/facility admission

• Organ/Tissue Transplant Services

• Maternity

Providers pre-notify by calling (855) 378-6777. In the event of emergency/urgent care, the Member or provider needs to provide notification within 72 hours of when care was given. Pre-notification of medical bills does not guarantee eligibility or sharing.

Pre-notification enables Impact to inform the member with about provider options and potential incentives available. If a member or their provider does not pre-notify Impact the member is subject to an additional provider fee of $1,000 for the illness or event.