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What is a Primary Responsibility Amount (PRA)?

What is a PRA? A PRA is an annual amount a Member Household is responsible for before medical bills can be approved for sharing.


Primary Responsibility Amount (PRA) is the dollar amount a Household must pay toward their own Eligible Medical Bills during a 12-month period before their Eligible Medical Bills can be published and shared by the membership. The PRA 12-month period begins on the Membership Date.

Members do not have deductibles. Instead, our members have a Primary Responsibility Amount (PRA).

The PRA options are as follows:

  • $1,000 (65 years and older only)
  • $2,500
  • $5,000
  • $7,500
  • $10,000

The PRA applies only to Eligible Medical Bills. After the PRA has been met, and the co-share is applied, all Eligible Medical Bills will be submitted for sharing for the entire household.