What is a balance bill?

What should you do if you receive a balance bill from a provider?

After you visit the doctor, your provider will bill Impact Health Sharing directly. Our team of dedicated billing specialists will review and process the bill pursuant to Impact’s guidelines.

Once this is complete, Impact will send its member an Explanation of Sharing (EOS), notifying them of their PRA, or Primary Responsibility Amount.

It is also customary for the member to receive a statement or bill from their provider. Members should always compare their PRA, or Primary Responsibility Amount, with the provider’s charges.

Example: Your EOS states you owe $135. However, the Provider bill states you owe $835. This would be a balance bill. 


What do I do if I receive a balance bill?

If you receive a Balance Bill from your provider, a Care Navigator is available to help. They can answer questions about Balance Billing and inform you on your rights in the dispute process.

Just reach out to Impact and ask to be connected to a Care Navigator if you receive a Balance Bill. If a dispute is filed, they will send you a Balance Bill Kit and handle communications with the provider directly.


Learn more in this short video.


Click here to find out more about Care Navigators.


Is it common to receive a Balance Bill?

No. Less than 2% of bills processed by Impact Health Sharing become a Balance Bill.