What if my doctor will not accept Impact?

Typically, this can occur if the doctor has had a negative experience with another healthcare sharing organization.


Although this is rare, it is possible. If a provider has questions, it's best they call the toll-free number on the back of the member ID card and follow the provider-specific prompts. The Impact specialist will explain the program in further detail and negotiate if necessary. If they don't want to call, you can print this provider letter to take with you.

If a provider denies service, you, as an Impact member, have options.

  • Offer to pay a deposit toward your service. The deposit will be a medical expense that you can submit to Impact for reimbursement. 
    • Follow the instructions in the Member Center to submit a medical expense.
    • Medical expenses submitted will be evaluated for eligibility, like any other medical bill.
    • PRA and Co-Share amounts must be met prior to reimbursement. Otherwise, the medical expense will be applied to your annual PRA or Co-Share. 
  • Another effective option is to ask the provider for a discounted cash-pay alternative and pay the provider at time of service.
    • In the Member Center, download and submit a Medical Expense Form. 
    • The medical expense will be evaluated like any other medical bill with consideration toward the PRA and Co-Share.
  • Call Impact directly and we will help you find a provider in your area that will accept Impact Health Sharing.