Can I combine Impact Health Sharing with other employer benefits?

Yes, you can also be a member of Impact Health Sharing even if you have other benefits.

Maybe your employer offers you healthcare coverage but not for the rest of your family, or your deductible could be larger than you would like, or your favorite provider isn't included in the health plan.

Every situation is unique. You could remain on your employer-based plan and add Impact Health Sharing to provide additional peace of mind and convenience.

If you have other coverage and are a member of Impact Health Sharing, Impact will always be secondary to that coverage. This means that when you experience a medical need, your provider will first submit the bill to your primary insurance for payment. After the primary payment is processed, the provider will submit a copy of the Statement of Benefits from your primary insurance plan along with the outstanding charges to Impact. Impact Health Sharing will process the bill according to the member Guidelines. Your Impact Primary Responsibility Amount and Co-Share will still apply.