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What if my pharmacy card isn't working?

Impact uses a third party to help us get the greatest possible savings on prescriptions (Rx). Like all other prescription discounting services, Impact’s partner uses 4 data points in order to make sure you get the discounts available to you.  Those are all found on the front of your Impact member card.  They are Group (appears as “GRP”), Bank Identification Number (BIN), Process Control Number (PCN), and your Membership ID.

GRP IMP002    

BIN 018448    

PCN 66202303

If your pharmacist is having trouble locating you in their system:

  • Make sure they are using 6 digits for the BIN. They may need to insert a “0” before the “18448.”
  • Try to omit the hyphen in your Membership ID.

If there is any difficulty, you or the pharmacist can call the helpdesk of our partner, Drexi, directly: 844-728-3479.