Is there a deductible for those with Medicare?

Impact is not insurance and members do not have deductibles but instead a Primary Responsibility Amount.

Since Impact Health Sharing is not insurance, terms like deductible are not used. The PRA - Primary Responsibility Amount works similarly.

Senior Members (65+) are responsible for their Primary Responsibility Amount (PRA) of $1000 before Impact members share the portion of your Eligible Medical Bills that Medicare allows but does not pay completely. Items like Co-pays, Deductibles, Hospitalization, Skilled Nursing Facility Care, and Out-of-country Urgent Care. With sharing secondary to Medicare, this program is an incredible option for seniors. 



In order for Impact to share in prescription costs, you must have Medicare part D, too.

The sharable amount is limited to $1200 per member per membership year after your PRA has been met.

After your PRA has been met, the prescription amount may be shared as follows:

  • After the first $25 on generic drug prescription.
  • After the first $50 on brand name prescription when a generic is unavailable.
  • Prescription medications must be purchased using the member ID card.
  • Members pay 100% of the (discounted) prescription amount at the pharmacy and submit receipts. 


  • Members must submit their Part D EOB (Explanation of Benefits) to Impact here. Medicare will mail your Part D EOB monthly.