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Is Lab Work Eligible for Sharing?

How much are lab costs?

Experience the benefits of Impact's Exclusive Lab Savings Program. This partnership offers significant discounts on top-tier lab services, merging quality with affordability. Discover all the advantages and get started!

However, please note that this service is available exclusively to those aged 18 and above and isn't offered in AZ, HI, NJ, NY, and RI.

Log in to the member center and choose "My Pharmacy & Labs" on the left hand menu.

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If you are doing your wellness labs, be sure to choose the Impact Member bundle.

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In addition, you can order a wide range of labs outside of these packages that specifically target wellness, allergies, chronic disease, hormones, and much more for discounted prices. (See paragraph at the end for details).

With your receipt and order in hand, head to the nearest lab. You can find nearby, participating labs when you ordered the tests.

Upon arrival, remind the lab personnel that your labs are prepaid.

After your tests, submit your receipt using the Medical Expense form.

  • They will be credited towards your PRA.
  • If the labs fall under your wellness allowance or if your PRA and co-share have been met, expect a direct reimbursement.

*Note: Members are free to use the provider or lab of their choice. if you don't use the Lab partner described above, you may not receive the same discount, but your labs follow the same Guidelines for sharing. You'll also use the Medical Expense Form for reimbursement or to apply eligible labs to your PRA.


When it comes to wellness labs, Impact will only share into a specific list of wellness labs which can be found in our guidelines. FDA and CMS approved labs will also be shared into when they are for a specific diagnosis not related to a pre-existing condition. Only labs prescribed with a diagnosis will be considered for sharing, therefore if you choose to order labs yourself without a diagnosis, Impact will be unable to determine eligibility and those labs won’t be shared into.

IS LAB WORK ELIGIBLE FOR SHARING? Get more details here.