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IBO Accreditation Help

If you are an ACN IBO and are experiencing difficulties with the Impact Accreditation process, here are some tips that may solve your issue.

  1. If you didn’t receive the email with the link to the Accreditation quiz:
    1. Did you fill out the registration form in the IBO Back office?
      1. You must fill out the form in order to receive the link. This form gives us your email address and your IBO number so that we can connect your quiz score once you have taken it.
    1. Have you previously unsubscribed from Impact emails?
      1. If you previously unsubscribed from all of Impact's emails you will not be able to receive any automated emails from us, including those with the links.
      2. Answer: When you fill out the registration form and input an email address which has already unsubscribed, a line of text with pop up beneath your email. It says, "Looks like you've opted out of email communication. Click here to get an email and opt back in." Click on this link and you will receive an email. Click into the email preferences page where you can choose which emails to receive. If you only want to receive emails regarding your partnership with Impact you can choose "Partner Communications".
      3. Then finish filling out the registration form. 
    2. Some email servers consider automated emails as spam or junk. For example, many servers that end with "@charter.net" have done this. Please check your spam and junk folders. You should also add Impact Health Sharing as a "safe sender" to your emails to ensure our emails aren't blocked. Here's how:
        1. In your email inbox select the Settings tab > Filters & Blocked Senders
        2. In the Safe Senders section, you can mark email addresses or domains as safe, preventing them from being marked as spam.
        3. Enter @impacthealthsharing.com in the box. Choose Add to add it to the Safe list.
    3. Did you use the same computer as other IBO’s to register yesterday (Apr 25th) before 5 PM ET?
      1. This was an issue for a few hours, where people using the same computer might have overwritten other form submissions because cookies told us they were the same computer. This issue is fixed so people can now use the same computer. 
      2. If you have registered but are still unable to receive an email, please visit ACN Help where they can help you solve the issue or submit a help ticket to Impact. 
  1. If you didn’t receive confirmation after finishing the Accreditation Quiz:
    1. Did you fill out the registration form from the link in the IBO Back Office?
      1. Some people have skipped the form and used another IBO’s Accreditation quiz link. Please register if you haven’t.
    2. Did you enter a different email address on the Accreditation Quiz than you entered on the “registration form”?
      1. Some registered with “gmail.com” but filled out a “yahoo.com” address on the quiz. If you registered with one email, do you have another email you use regularly that you might have entered on the quiz by mistake?
      2. Some people have misspelled their email address on the quiz and it doesn’t link the quiz to their account at Impact.
      3. Answer: In that case you can choose either to retake the quiz, submitting your correct email address, or contact ACN, letting them know you may have misspelled your email on the quiz or used the wrong email address altogether. ACN will submit the names of IBOs that need to be researched for misspellings. 
  2. Other possible issues:
    1. Sometimes couples who share an IBO number have used one another’s email address and/or name interchangeably. In Impact’s system your email address is your identifying information. If Spouse A registered with Spouse B’s email address but used his/her own name, things can get a bit messy. Some couples have also  registered one email address but took the Accreditation Quiz with both of their email addresses.
    2. Answer: For any of these issues, please visit ACN Help where they can help you solve the issue or submit a help ticket to Impact.