How long does it take to process bills?

How long does it take to process bills?

Impact Health Sharing’s electronic bill processing, digital sharing, and distributed medical reserves enables payment to providers, typically 30-40 days after receipt of the members’ bills. This approach sets Impact Health Sharing apart from the healthcare sharing process that many providers may have experienced with other healthcare sharing organizations. It is our aim to provide an experience that works better, feels better than insurance for our members.

After a bill is processed and determined Eligible for Sharing, it is published to the Impact membership for sharing.

Through a process called “publishing,” members who have been matched to share the bill will be notified of the amount that will be withdrawn from their Share Account for the payment of the bill.  

Once the three-day publishing period has ended, the amount published to each member is transferred to a Virtual Bill Account for the payment of the bill.

What this means for you, 

  • Once processed, Impact Health Sharing members share funds from their Share Accounts to pay each other’s medical bills; on average in 3-4 days.