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How do I change my desired membership start date?

If you are an applicant who has not completed your application, in order to change your membership start date, you must cancel your application and start a new one.

To cancel your application, log in to your application and select the Cancel Application button on the bottom of your screen.

If your application has been completed, you must notify Impact of your desired Membership Date. 

Example for Completed Applicants:

  • You completed your membership application on December 18th. Your original desired start date is January 1st. Your EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) date is set for the 28th of each month and it was processed on December 28th for your January share payment. On December 30th you decide on a February 1st start date.

    • Call Impact at 855-378-6777 and request the change.
    • Impact will issue you a refund check of your January share
    • Your February share payment will run on January 28th.