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How do I give To Extra Impact?

Does Impact offer other ways to give to others?

Impact Health Sharing serves members and drives the community through medical bill sharing. Sometimes, members' medical bills are not eligible for sharing. Extra Impact is a designated fund to step in and provide Extra Impact to relieve financial pressure.

When you give to Extra Impact, you are helping our community support those in a difficult season.

Won't you give a little to lend a hand? GIVE NOW

I want to give a one-time gift.

Thank you for considering a one-time gift to Extra Impact. We love that members and non-members are willing to give generously to meet the needs of so many people. Choose an amount to Give Now

I want to give a recurring monthly gift.

With your continual support, we can reach more people, extend our help further, and foster the changes we hope to see in our community. Stand with us in our mission to make a difference, month after month.

You will then have the option to edit the section "Optional Amount." Just choose the optional amount and program to establish your recurring donation. Give Now

Season Salt

Spice up Your Kitchen, Support Our Community

Experience Dick Loehr's Sensational Secret Seasoning Salt, a trusted favorite for enhancing any dish. This secret blend is more than just a seasoning. When you purchase our two-bottle pack for just $20 (includes shipping), you're directly supporting Extra Impact, our special assistance program for Impact members in need.

This delightful offer is proudly brought to you by Impact Health Sharing, where we believe in the power of giving back. Unleash the flavors in your kitchen and make a difference today. Buy Secret Seasoning.