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Priced Out Of Healthcare?



Impact Health Sharing delivers a modern and affordable alternative to health insurance, where most save 30-50% when they join.
In some ways, it functions the same as your current health plan, but it's different in ways that matter!
Works Better, Feels Better

Impact Health Sharing

Finally, a way to take control of your healthcare expenses.  Impact Health Sharing is a caring community of people who share in each other's medical bills.  Impact is for anyone who is interested in sharing, acting responsibly together, and saving on their health care. 

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Healthcare Sharing is for anyone

An Affordable Alternative To Health Insurance

Impact puts the power, the freedom, and the control in paying for health care back into your hands. Learn more about how you can join our community and discover how most members save 30-50% on their healthcare costs.

Healthcare Sharing is freedom

See How Much You Can Save

Most members save 30-50%.  Programs start as low as $73 for individuals and $378 for families. 

Healthcare Solutions Designed To Care For You

Telemedicine Access a licensed doctor from the comfort of your home 24/7 with a $0 provider fee.  
Great Rx Pricing

Receive industry-leading discounts on everyday prescriptions.

Comprehensive Medical Sharing includes medical services for preventative, maternity, accident, illness, and injuries.  
Impact Health Sharing Savings

Families Are Saving Thousands!

"With five kids, we were paying $2,000 a month! We are now paying a little over $500 for our family! You NEED Impact!"

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Empowering Change: Impact's Vision for Health Care

Healthcare isn't as simple as it used to be. At Impact, we believe you should be an informed and educated advocate in your health care. You will find more useful tools and information in our blog.